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Calgary Stampede 2021

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If there were ever a year to celebrate, it is this one! With Covid-19 well on its way to the past, we have our chins held high and are looking forward to STAMPEDE 2021. If there is anything that Calgary excels at, it is having the Stampede Spirit! 

In 2020, no one expected the Calgary Stampede to be cancelled for the first time in its history. But did you know that we STILL serviced over 50 locations around town with décor. We set up tiny little displays in front yards, a couple of Covid graduation parties, we decked out Steven Avenue and lots of 17th. We were beyond thrilled to have the support of you folks and will be eternally grateful. 

This year, the Calgary Stampede will be going ahead. “Stampede 2021 might look different — but what’s important is how it makes you feel. We’re continuing to plan for the best and safest Stampede possible in 2021, of course, that means making sure there’s lots of flexibility so we can adapt our operations depending on the circumstances in July. Our planning includes the iconic aspects of Stampede — the animals, the music, the rides and the food.” communications manager Kristina Barnes said.

Sounds good to us 😊!! BUT…there is no way to look forward, without a glimpse of the past…..

calgary stampede landscape

The Calgary Stampede has drawn more than one million visitors to the city each year, according to the Conference Board of Canada. Over 120,000 people attend the Stampede per day, around 70 per cent of whom are from Calgary. This pumps $540 million into the provincial economy annually. The Stampede’s year-round events contribute about $110.9 million to Calgary’s GDP, the board says. Every $1.00 spent at the Calgary Stampede generates more than $2.70 city-wide on hotels, restaurants, shops, taxi’s and other expenditures of the type. Blazing Saddle distributes over 350 fire retardant bales across the stampede grounds each year and is an official supplier of the Calgary Stampede.

stampede park calgary alberta

Stampede Park itself covers more than 200 acres of land. More than 7000 animals are hosted by the Stampede Park during the 10-day event including over 600 chuckwagon horses. More than 2 million mini-donuts are eaten every year at the Stampede and over 200,000 pancakes are served at community breakfasts throughout the city during the Stampede. 30,000 flowers are planted in Stampede Park each year. And did you know that every year more than 2200 people, a majority of whom are from Calgary, dedicate their personal time to volunteer at the show. Isn’t that amazing!?!? Blazing Saddle spends at least 2 full days at the grounds spreading the stampede spirit for a large group of vendors and every year we discover new areas of the grounds. It’s HUGE!

vintage calgary stampede poster

Big Four Building: The “Big Four” businessmen: A.J. MacLean, A.E. Cross, George Lane and Pat Burns made a crucial contribution of $100,000 towards the first ever Calgary Stampede in 1912. The very first Calgary Stampede lasted just 6 days until 1968 when they stretched it to 10 days. In 1939, admission to the grounds was just 25 cents. Today, it’s $18.00 for an adult ticket. The crew here at Blazing Saddle wants to vote to extend the Stampede to a full 14 days! Who’s with us??

The Parade: Approximately 400,000 people attend the Stampede Parade every year and over 2 million Canadians nationwide watch the Stampede Parade on television. Over 130 western themed entries join in on the parade fun, which lasts about 2 hours.  Around 850 horses participate in the parade accompanied by approximately 2 tonnes of manure that is left behind by animals on the parade route (gross). During the parade, the Blazing Saddle Crews are at the ready, waiting to be let back into downtown again, to keep spreading the joy on DAY 1!

calgary stampede parade
calgary stampede chuckwagon races

The Rodeo: The Calgary Stampede Rodeo is the WORLD’S largest outdoor rodeo that hosts 6 major rodeo events plus the Chuckwagon Races. It runs every day for 10 days and has the largest purse in outdoor rodeo — $2 million — up for grabs. We don’t get to see the Rodeo very often, as Stampede week for us is packed with events and we are all bombing around to every corner of the city, but when we do, its just awesome to see. 


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